1. Comanche

From the recording Comanche

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Never could you have seen this day
Ashes scattered across my home
Dawning over where I lay
And the places that I no longer roam

I cancelled cultures in my wake
The balance of power I did forsake
Comfort is cold wherever I go
What the future holds only the devil would know

Confounded by whatever was
A past that would never forever because
A higher court where we all get served
A history repeated is a history deserved

Tempers fray and bullets fly
Fortune favours those that die
Friends of friends are friends no more
When the enemy walks up to your door

Don't try to remember me
Let me drift into the years
The shadows as far as the eye can see
Offer nothing to dry your tears

I would find you regardless of how you
Covered your tracks running through your pride
Sentiment is my instrument
It's in my blood and by my side

Tempers frayed and bullets flew
But only one was meant for you
Fortunes came and conscience passed
You are not the first and you won't be the last